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TENDA W150M 150 Mbps portable wireless AP/Router with FireWall

  • Model: IMP_UK_W150M
  • 30 stock
  • çҹԵ : Tenda Technology co.,ltd.
  • ѹѹ֡Թ : 5 .. 2012
  • ش : 5 .. 2016
  • Թ : 2-3 ѹ ѧҡ͹Թ

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TENDA W150M 150 Mbps portable wireless AP/Router with FireWall

Tenda W150M Wireless AP, Router, Firewall 㹵

Tenda W150M ػó Wireless AP, Router, Firewall ͡ẺͧѺҵðҹ IEEE802.3 IEE802.3u Ѻͼҹ ͧѺ ҵðҹ IEEE802.11B, IEEE802.11G IEE802.11N Ѻ Wireless դ㹡ͼҹ Wireless ٧ش 150 Mbps ٧ҵðҹ G ֧ 3

Tenda W150M ͧѺõ駤 Wireless ٧ش֧ 5 AP, Client + AP, WDS + AP, WISP Router Wireless Router ͡ҡѧö¹ Mode Wireless ҹ MODE ҹҧͧػó ͧ¹ҡ˹ WEB UI ա ǹͧ Wireless ͧѺõ駤ҤʹẺ WEP 64/128 bits, WPA WPA2 ͧѺõ駤Ҥʹ Ẻ Stealth Mode MAC Filter ٧ش 30 MAC Address ͧѧջ WPS

Tenda W150M վ 1 Ẻ RJ-45 ͧѺ 10/100 Mbps ѺѺ繷 LAN WAN ͡ ͧ͡Ẻö ػóչ˹ѡ ҴзѴѴ öѺ 2 ҧ ҡ Mini USB ͡Ѻ USB ͧ鵺Шҡ Adapter

Tenda W150M Ҿѧ蹵ҧ Ҩ NAT, Virtual Server, DHCP Server, DHCP Client, DHCP Static Binding, UPnP, DMZ Host DDNS öҹѺԹٻẺ ADSL, Cable Modem, IP Star G.SHDSL 繵

Tenda W150M Firewall դسѵѺ͡ҹҧ Ҩ Service, URL Filter MAC Address ͧ ͧ繪ǧ֧ͧѹըҡʧкա

W150M is a portable wireless AP/Router with up to 150Mbps wireless transmission rate. It supports five working modes to achieve a variety of wireless applications.

Five working modes:

1.AP Mode (Defaulted mode)

2.Client + AP Mode

3.Wireless Router Mode

4.WDS +AP Mode

5.WISP Mode


W150M Portable Wireless AP

-Mini, exquisite and portable design for easy carrying; power over USB supported for easy use.

-Connects the home/office/hotels broadband in defaulted AP mode to share the internet

-Supports Client + AP model to repeat and amplify wireless signals and extend wireless network coverage

-Unique WISP access for different wireless network connections, wireless signals amplification and multiple users share the internet

-Five working modes included in one and one"Mode button used for made change

-Equipped with an internal antenna

1.Complies with IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.3, and IEEE 802.3u standards

2.Adopts IEEE802.11n advanced technology and built-in high performance antenna with 3 times wireless coverage of 54M products

3.150Mbps wireless transmitting rate 3 times faster than 54M products

4.Provides one 10/100Mbps Auto-Negotiation Ethernet port for LAN/WAN.

5.Supports USB port or adapter to supply power.


802.11n, 802.11g, 802.11b, 802.3, 802.3u


one 10/100Mbps Auto-Negotiation Ethernet port for LAN/WAN

one USB port


One internal fixed PCB antenna

Input? Voltage Range


Output Voltage Range

DC 5V/1A

Operating Temperature

0oC~ 40 oC

Storage Temperature

-40oC ~ 70oC

Operating Humidity:

10% ~ 90% RH non-condensing

Storage Humidity

5% ~ 90% RH non-condensing


FCC ,CE(Wireless), RoHS

Wireless Security





remote/local Web management,UPnP,DDNS,LAN access control over Internet connection,MAC address -based access control,virtual server, DMZ host,Built-in firewall

Package Contents

150Mbps Portable Wireless AP/Router

Power Adapter

Quick Installation Guide

One Software CD (User Guide included)

Minimum Requirements

Internet Explorer 5.5 or Firefox 1.0 Higher

Network Adapter


-One 150Mbps Portable Wireless AP/Router(103mm*63mm*18mm)

-One CD-ROM (User Guide included)

-One Quick Installation Guide

-One Power Adapter

-One Ethernet cable

  • ѺСѹԹ ҹ 12 ͹ ¹ͧ 㹡óշԹ stock еͧ觫ͧ͡ һҳ 1 ͹
  • ҤԹ Ť 7%

Թҹ ١ѹ֡ ŧ㹰ҹ ѹ ظ 05 ѹ¹, 2012.

ѺاԹ ش ѹ ѧ 05 Ҥ, 2016



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