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Notebook Battery for LENOVO Y430 (11.1 V 4,400 Mah) (CB-NLLV-Y430)

  • Model: IMP_KC_Y430
  • 17 stock
  • çҹԵ : GreenWay Battery
  • ѹѹ֡Թ : 16 .. 2012
  • ش : 5 .. 2016
  • Թ : 2-3 ѹ ѧҡ͹Թ

2,490.00ҷ  1,590.00ҷ
Ѵ: 36% off

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Notebook Battery for LENOVO Y430 (11.1 V 4,400 Mah) (CB-NLLV-Y430)

Product name : Lenovo IdeaPad Y430

Battery type:Li-ion

Color: Black

Voltage:11.1 V

Size : 207.60 x 53.03 x 20.25 mm


  • Uses the high quality cells.
  • 100% Q.C. of EVERY product. Extended run time.
  • 6 MExtended Warranty.
  • Excellent Service.
  • 100% compatible with original battery.

ö᷹ Battery ͧ Lenovo Part no :

#L0806D01, #L08S6D01, #42T5229, #42T5230


öѺ Notebook Lenovo Model 仹 :

Lenovo Ideapad Y430 series
ideapad y430-3231u
ideapad y430-5232
Ideapad y430-5232u
ideapad y430-5242u
IdeaPad Y430-278189U
IdeaPad Y430-278187U
IdeaPad Y430-278186U
IdeaPad Y430-278184U
IdeaPad Y430-278183U
IdeaPad Y430-278182U


  • ѺСѹԹ ҹ 6 ͹
  • ҤԹ Ť 7%

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  • ͻԷҾ 㹡ҹ Battery ԷҾ س download ͡ҹͧ Battery سҹзӤ 觨зءҹͧ Battery ǹҹ ѧ ԷҾ
  • ö download User Manual

How do I identify my battery?

There is usually a label on the battery. The label will have the part number, chemical construction (eg Li-Ion, NiMh), voltage and current printed on it. Please note the battery voltage is not the same as the power supplies voltage. If this information is not present the make and model of your laptop would help any sales person identify the correct battery. See image below:

What is a battery cycle?

A battery cycle consist of one charge and one discharge

What if the Milliamp-Hour (mAh) rating is different to my original battery?

The Milliamp hour rating represents the capacity of the battery. The capacity is affected by the number of batteries in the battery pack. The capacity is increased by linking the cells in parallel. If the mAh rating is higher than the original battery, then the replacement battery will run for a longer time, if the rating is lower then the replacement battery will run for a shorter time.

How Are Batteries Rated?

There are two ratings on a battery, Voltage (V) and Milliamp-hours (mAh). Voltage is the rate at which energy is drawn from a battery. Milliamp-hours represents the capacity of the battery

My new laptop battery is not working !! What's wrong?

New batteries are usually shipped in a discharged condition and must be charged before use. It is recommended that Li-Ion and NiCd batteries receive an initial overnight charge (approximately twelve hours), whereas NiMH requires 24hrs. Refer to your computer manual for charging instructions. Rechargeable batteries should be conditioned before normal use by ensuring they are charged and then fully discharged for the first 3 to 4 charge cycles. This allows the batteries to reach their full capacity.

--> ҹ͡ҹ battery зӵ зԷҾ٧ش 㹡ҹ

--> ö download User Manual

Does using the wireless network card drain a laptop battery?

Yes, wireless network cards do reduce the battery run time. It is difficult to quantify the adverse effect a wireless card has on battery run time because it varies depending on laptop model and wireless card. The operating system and the software installed with the card may have utilities for conserving battery life. See Apple's Battery Care page

Does disconnecting USB devices from my laptop, help conserve battery life?

Yes, disconnecting unused USB devices does help conserve battery life. It has also been widely reported that a flaw in Windows XP affects certain Intel based laptops to drain the battery at a faster rate than normal when a USB device is connected. More information can be found on the article, Windows USB flaw drains batteries.

What is the "Memory Effect"?

The memory effect can be seen in Ni-Cad and NiMH batteries. It is caused by the user continually re-charging the battery before being it has fully discharged. The battery will eventually forget the unused capacity. The way to avoid the "memory effect" is to fully charge and discharge the battery at least once every month. This will ensure the battery remains healthy. Li-Ion batteries do not suffer the memory effect.

Why are some laptop batteries so expensive?

Some batteries are specific to a manufacturer or laptop model, thus enabling the manufacturer to keep the price high. Batteries specific to one manufacturer or model will be made in lower volumes which will increase the production cost. In some cases the price of the original battery is kept high to motivate buyers to buy a new laptop.

Why are some laptop batteries so cheap?

Laptop batteries are often manufactured in very large volume production runs and as a result the cost saving is directly passed onto the end user.

When not using my notebook for long periods of time, should I leave the battery in the laptop?

It is not advisable to leave the battery in the laptop for extended periods of inactivity. Whilst in the laptop the battery will slowly discharge. If the battery is allowed to completely discharge the laptop may not recognise it when it is next booted up. DO NOT fully charge your battery prior storage. It should be charged to between 40 -50% of its capacity. During storage check the battery every 3-4 weeks to prevent total self discharge. If the battery is allowed to totally self-discharge the notebook may not recognise the battery when the laptop next is booted up.

Can I store batteries in the refrigerator?

Yes, but the battery must be protected from moisture which will cause internal corrosion. It must be kept in an airtight container. This method of storage is only suitable when the battery needs to be stored for long periods without use. The low temperature slows down the rate of discharge. Once removed from the refrigerator, the battery must be allowed to warm up to room temperature before use. Storing the laptop battery in the freezer is not recommended.

What is the difference between original and compatible batteries?

Original batteries are manufactured by companies like IBM and Sony and also by an Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM), who manufacture under licence from companies like IBM and Sony. Compatible batteries are solely made by 3rd party manufacturers. These products are not produced under licence and cannot be labelled or branded as Sony, IBM, Toshiba etc. The physical attributes are the same between the two types of batteries, but the labelling will be different.

The colour of my new battery is different to the original, Is this a problem?

No, as long as it is the right part and the ratings are correct. Different manufacturers use various materials and processes and as a result colour may vary.

˵ : ¢ͧӵҧ

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. A third party manufacturer producing goods under licence from companies like Sony, Toshiba etc.

An alternative to the original supplied. Compatible batteries have similar capacity and ratings to the original but are cheaper in price.

Battery ˹·ء ͡ҡǹüԵ դسҾҡçҹ ͹ͺ١ Ǩͺա ͧѴ Battery ѹ á з㹻 ͧẺ س֧ ͧسҾ
( ͺ ء ͹è˹ ѴѺ١)

1. ͺ Charge Discharge Ш㹵 Battery

2. ͺ Cell ͧ battery Ѻö㹡纻Ш

3. ͺ ͧ Battery Թ 6 ͹ Cell battery ԷҾ Ŵŧ

1. High Quality Product , Competitive Price

  • çҹ ѺҵҰҹ ҡ Rohs, CE , ISO, FCC, EMC ISO 9001:2008

2. Innovative Design

  • Թ ͡Ҵ ҧ 8 蹵͹

3. Battery ء͹ ͹ͺ١Ǩͺ öҹ ͧѹѹ Ҩ öҹͧҹҹ º Battery ͧ ҡ͵ҧ

4. ԡ ѧҢ¨ҡ PC Resource ԴԹ 㹸áԨ ҡ 20 ·ع¹ 25 ҹҷ ѺСѹ Թҹҹ 6 ͹ ¹

5. Թ͡ҡ ء ء㹵Ҵ Ҩ HP, DELL, TOSHIBA, ACER, ASUS , IBM , FUJITSU , LENOVO , SONY , Apple Laptop , Compaq , Gateways oem brand

6. Battery ǹ˭ Battery Ե Թ 6 ͹ öǨͺ ͧѴ Battery ա stock battery ҹ سҾͧ battery

7. Genuine Materails , Careful Craft , Reliable and Stable Quality

ѵشԺ㹡üԵ աǹӤѭ 㹡á˹سҾͧ Battery ҧçҹ ͡ Battery ա觹ѵشԺسҾҨҡ panasonic , samsung BAK cell battery ҡçҹշش㹨չ ա ͫըҡ TI ( Texas Instrument) ҡ USA (PCM : TI 20Z70, 20Z80) 觨зسҾͧ Battery ºѺ battery Ҩҡçҹµç

çҹԵẵ Greenway çҹ Ǫҭͧ Battery ͡Ҵš ԴԹҡ 10 ҹջʺó ǧẵ

ѡҹçҹ Greenway շҹ R&D ( Research and Developement) ջʺóӧҹçҹ Battery ҡ 13 оѡҹ çҹ ҡ 35.5% ֡ дѺԭҵ

Standardization & Modernization
To Keep High Quality always

çҹ Greenway ҹѺͧҵҰҹ ISO9001:2008 кǺسҾ šͶ Դ Battery ء͹ ͡ҡçҹ Battery դسҾҵҰҹдѺš öҹҧջԷҾ ѧҹѺ Notebook 觢ͧس ԴѴ㹡ҹ

¢鹵͹ QC 24 鹵͹ äѴ͡سҾͧ Battery ҼԵ notebook battery ֧ǹüԵ ͡ õǨͺسҾ

ҹ ѺͧسҾ ҵҰҹҧ CE, FCC , RoHS

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ǹ㹡üԵԹ Battery notebook ҡçҹ Greenway 觨բ鹵͹ҧ 㹡üԵзͺ ԹդسҾ ҵҰҹسҾ ISO9001:2008

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Թҹ ١ѹ֡ ŧ㹰ҹ ѹ ѹ 16 Ҥ, 2012.

ѺاԹ ش ѹ ѧ 05 Ҥ, 2016



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