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ATX, BTX, ITX Power Supply Tester with LCD Display testing equipment power diagnostic

  • 24 stock
  • çҹԵ : USBSATA Technology
  • ѹѹ֡Թ : 16 .. 2012
  • ش : 5 .. 2016
  • Թ : 2-3 ѹ ѧҡ͹Թ

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ATX, BTX, ITX Power Supply Tester with LCD Display testing equipment power diagnostic

ͧͺ power supply ͧͧ desktop pc Ẻ atx, btx, itx ¡õǨͺ Voltage 㹨شҧ

Product Description:
ATX POWER Power Supply Tester (brushed aluminum panel blue LED screen version)
Power Supply Tester ATX POWER * to let you know whether the normal supply of electricity POWER! ! !

Desktop | server POWER TESTER power supply tester fully support ATX BTX ITX Power Supply
* POWER device plugged in as long as the POWER!
POWER connector to plug into this group of power supply tester can tell you immediately if there are problems POWER! ! !
LCD LCD voltage display, output voltage directly, one can measure the power supply voltage of each group 3.3V / +5 V / +12 V/-12V/SB +5 V / PG, there will be a buzzer alarm if bad. You can also measure the output wire P4/P6/P8/SATA/IDE

Support 20Pin, 24Pin ATX Power Supply
Support SATA Power
Support P4's 4Pin, 8Pin Interface
Support PCI-E graphics card power connector 6Pin
Support molex / Xeco Power Interface
Support the floppy drive power connector
Support Standard 4Pin Power Interface SATA Interface
Test voltage +3.3 V,-12V, +5 VSB, +12 V1, +12 V2, +5 V
Features: PG alarm, LCD display cases for each V voltage

How to use

a. the power 24PIN and P4, P6 or P8 plug in the device into place.
b. Turn on the power, while "bit" ring TWO boot sound, if the value of each group were not blinking, it means the power input supply normal.
c. If a circuit voltage signal is not detected (such as 20PIN 20PIN connector jack inserts), or the detected voltage exceeds the normal range, the buzzer will issue a long time "bit" of warning sound, and the corresponding value of the voltage or PG Display status blinking state, said the power supply failure power supply!


Voltage Input: 20/40PIN (ATX power supply)
Voltage Detection: +12 V-12V +5 V-5V +3.3 V 5VSB 12VPG
Port: Floppy HDD COROM SATA 4pin (P4) 8pin (Dual-CPU) 6pin (PCI-E)

PG power supply voltage or any issues will alarm and display the voltage value, to solve
the first generation of low voltage tester tests a group of issues is not out of


  • ѺСѹԹ ҹ 6 ͹
  • ҤԹ Ť 7%

Թҹ ١ѹ֡ ŧ㹰ҹ ѹ ѹ 16 Ҥ, 2012.

ѺاԹ ش ѹ ѧ 05 Ҥ, 2016



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